Salt Creek Hunting Preserve

Wild Boar and Exotic Hunting in Southern Ohio

Salt Creek Hunting Preserve,guided and guided hunt

                *SPECIAL  HUNTS*                                        
sika Buck,  wild Boar preserve, rams

             Specials are to be hunted in 30 days  of booking
                                            At Salt Creek Hunting Preserve you get 

   2 night stay 1 day hunt , meals lodging, field services , guide ALL INCLUDED, walk in cooler and ice on site. Guide and field services appreciate tips. We also offer guided and unguided hunts  for Russians, rams and exotics.


 WE ARE OFFERING BUTCHERING SERVICES FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. This is a separate service from us , so payment is separate also. Cash only.

        ****  Gift Certificates always available  ****


                                               HUGE FALLOW BUCK   SOLD

  This giant is a heart stopper! He has it all , mass , great palms and lots of points. He is a spotted buck and he is fat and healthy. Come enjoy hunting this trophy buck and relax at our camp ! Call for pic and price

                                      SOTTISH HIGHLANDERS      

  We have 2 highlanders weighing about 600 lbs . This is some prime beef at a great price ! Come enjoy our camp and fill up your freezer with some great meat ! 

                                                       $775 each  1 left


                                                 RED STAG BULL  Sold

 WOW! This handsome stag is beautiful ! He is a perfect 5 x 5 and has all the look.  He is pretty wild too, making this trophy a little bit challenging!! Put this incredible trophy on your bragging wall and be sure to be the envy of all your hunting buddies!           Call for pics and price




This young bull weighs around 600 lbs. He is fat and sassy ( like most watusi ) have fun hunting this animal and enjoy your harvest all winter long.



                                              RED DEER COWS

  We have a nice heard of these Red Deer Cows. They are big and fat , and also a little crazy ! Put some great meat in the freezer and have fun harvesting it yourself !   These deer weigh in around 300-400lbs

                                             4 - $900   4 - $800


                                     SIKA BUCK

  We have 2 great sika bucks in. Theses boys are beautiful, sporting nice horns and there coats are good ! They will be a great addition to any ones trophy room , plus enjoy eating some of the best venison around. one is 3x3 , the other a 4x4 

                3x3 $1500 SOLD

                4x4 $1600 SOLD

                                HUGE SPANISH GOAT

  If you missed lout on the last one , it's ok this ones even bigger ! All i can say is wow , great color , great hair , and great horns !



                                   ELK COWS

  Here are 8 big mature cows! These girls are fat and wild. Put some prime elk meat in the freezer and enjoy a great hunt!

                                      $1400 each 7 left



                                740-398-1245 OR 330-635-8674          

                                         WE  ACCEPT 

           PAY PAL , VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS  &  DISCOVER  ( fee's will apply )      We also have Gift Certificates.

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