Salt Creek Hunting Preserve

Wild Boar and Exotic Hunting in Southern Ohio

                                FAQ & A

What time can I check in?  Any time after 7pm

What time is check out?  Noon the day after your hunt.

What if i don't get my Animal?  You have 3 months to try to get it.

Can we bring our Pets ? No pets are allowed

Is there a fee for skinning and quartering my Animal?  No

Is there a Non Hunter Fee?  Yes   $100 per person .

Do you accept PAY PAL , VENMO ?  Yes

Is the hunting seasonal? No, we hunt all year around.

Do we need to bring our own bedding & bath towels? We supply all of that for you.

Is there a charge for meals and lodging?  No

What is the average weight of the Meat Hogs?  300lbs we can do bigger for an extra $50.00

Do you provide a butchering service?  YES

Is there any additional cost? The only thing extra will be what you want to tip your guide, skinner and ice for transporting your meat.

What if I have special needs?  Just ask we can accommodate most.

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