Salt Creek Hunting Preserve

Wild Boar and Exotic Hunting in Southern Ohio

Salt Creek Hunting Preserve,guided and guided hunt

                *SPECIAL  HUNTS*                                        

          Specials are to be hunted in 30 days
                             At Salt Creek Hunting Preserve you get 

   2 night stay (if you choose not to stay the price is the same ) 1 day hunt , meals lodging, field services , guide ALL INCLUDED, walk in cooler on site  . Guide and field services appreciate tips. We also offer guided and unguided hunts  for Russians, rams and exotics.


 WE ARE OFFERING BUTCHERING SERVICES FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. This is a separate service from us , so payment is separate also. Cash only.




                            SIKA BUCK  


  This young guy is too aggressive ! He is big bodied and healthy as can be ! Just has a hot head attitude , wasn't gonna hunt him this year , but can't  have him hunting the other deer. He is a Big 2 x 2

                                 $1000 pics coming soon  SOLD  SEAN DOYTEK


 This big wild guy is gonna give you a chase ! Put on your boots and be ready to hunt , and be excited ! Take home a great trophy and enjoy the hunt .

                                   $1500  we have pics

                                AUDAD FEMALES

  We have 3 females ready for the taking . Anyone wanting a cheap Audad hunt here it is ! 

                                    $450 each we have pics


  If you still need Beef or want to get ready for winter , here you go ! We have 3 Highlanders fat and sassy .  One black and 2 creme color , they weigh in at 700 lbs or so , sporting good horns ! 

                                    $1000 each 

                                     2  RED STAGS

  Pretty , Pretty , Pretty  ! These 5 x 5 stags are beautiful .  They will make for a great trophy mount and an awesome hunt  ! Enjoy a great hunt harvesting a great trophy 

                                       $2800 each we have pics

                                     WHITE FALLOW

  Here is the first deer special of the year and what a dandy . This guy has big palms and is waiting for you  ! 

                                        $2000 pics   Sold     pics on Face Book

                                         ELK BULL

  This guy is a 3 x 5 and fat as they come . Great horn length just lacking points on one side ! Come and hunt him at a great price .

                                       $3000 pics
























                                740-398-1245 OR 330-635-8674          

                                         WE  ACCEPT 

           PAY PAL , VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS  &  DISCOVER  ( fee's will apply )      We also have Gift Certificates. We no longer accept checks for final payment.

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