Salt Creek Hunting Preserve

Wild Boar and Exotic Hunting in Southern Ohio

Salt Creek Hunting Preserve,guided and guided hunt

                *SPECIAL  HUNTS*                                        

             Specials are to be hunted in 30 days  of booking
                                            At Salt Creek Hunting Preserve you get 

   2 night stay (if you choose not to stay the price is the same ) 1 day hunt , meals lodging, field services , guide ALL INCLUDED, walk in cooler on site  . Guide and field services appreciate tips. We also offer guided and unguided hunts  for Russians, rams and exotics.


 WE ARE OFFERING BUTCHERING SERVICES FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE. This is a separate service from us , so payment is separate also. Cash only.






                                 AXIS BUCKS

 Here we go guys !! These two 3 x 3 bucks are awesome. Great horns and beautiful as always ! Call or txt for pics and price!



                                       BUFFALO BULLS

These 2 studs are fat and sporting great horns , Put an awesome trophy on the wall and fill up the freezer for winter with some prime meat! They weigh 1200 lbs plus.

                                 $3400 each

                             FALLOW BUCKS

  We have a bunch of fallow bucks , all colors they can be hunted for $1400

Call for a great hunt!!         

                           RED DEER COWS

  These wild girls are back on the menu !! Come and exhaust yourself  earning some great meat for the freezer ! They weigh over $300 lbs 

                                    $850 each      3 SOLD   STILL HAVE A FEW BETTER HURRY


 Don't get these often ! We have 4 of these mean little guys ! They are in great shape with plenty of choppers ! 

                                            $800 each

                                        2 BIG FALLOW BUCKS

  We have 2 big bucks available !, 1 dark spotted the 2 nd light spotted , call for a great trophy and hunt!

                                         $1800 each



  Haven't had one of theses in a while! Chase this guy around & enjoy some great meat after your harvest. Call or txt for pics .


                                ELK COWS

  We have 3 mature cows left ,  they are fat and wild ! Come harvest some great meat and have fun doing it . Don't wait we had 5 and 2 sold already !   

                          $1500 each   1. SOLD       2.SOLD

                              MEAT HUNT ORYX

  Here is a great meat hunt ! Oryx Bull has broke off his horns but will be great eating! Weighs 400 lbs

 Call or txt for pics . 


                              4 X 4 SIKA BUCK 

 Second one of the year ! Here's a dandy , he is wild and crazy , but that makes it fun ! Harvest a great animal and enjoy great meat !

                                $1800  SOLD  Robert Wallace

                           TROPHY AUDDAD

We have 3 big mature males , They have massive  horns and great hair , making them an awesome trophy ! Be prepared to hunt these boys are crazy !!

                               $1800 each  2 SOLD      1LEFT


 Here are some smaller Audads , some are male and female .  They are wild and priced right !! remember theses rams are great eating as well !

                              $ 500

                           BLACK BUCK PRICE REDUCTION

 Here are some wild ones!! We got in 4 black buck with about 12" of horn . They look great and will make a great trophy ,  plus one heck of a hard hunt !!

                           $1100 each              NOW $950


  These 2 purebred mouflon rams are awesome ! great horn, beautiful color , and plenty of run ( better bring your gun)!                                

             1SOLD                   $1500 







                                740-398-1245 OR 330-635-8674          

                                         WE  ACCEPT 

           PAY PAL , VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS  &  DISCOVER  ( fee's will apply )      We also have Gift Certificates. We no longer accept checks for final payment.

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